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SociClicks Review & SociClicks Bonuses : A case study by the Director of Social Media at Salem Web Network: 82% more page views by posting pure links instead of posting photos with links in the caption!
Just imagine if that was an affiliate offer. I’m very sure he probably would have generated over 6 figures.


This shows that, engaging images and Memes are good, but they can’t drive traffic to your sites. Which is our end goal. But Sociclicks solve all that

Before, you can’t post your images to the social networks which will redirect to any link when clicked, you can’t post your image with any link on Facebook profile, Twitter or LinkedIn or Tumblr directly. But, Yes, You can now.

But you can only post links, and the social network will grab an image from your site and display it. But it’s not effective. You need to use your own custom image for your link. That will interact your user and attract more users, to click on your image.

And with our tool you can do it. Only you can post custom image with your link in Facebook pages directly. But not with any tools right now because of Facebook‘s recent change.But then again, we found the solution to post it and with our tool, you can achieve this, and make it more automated.

Moreover, with SociClicks, users are given the power to monitor (with full statistics), their link clicks, can insert their pixel code for tracking visitors for FB re-targeting ads, they’re given a preview of each social media posts before posting, can edit , and clone each link campaign, and above all?This works across 5 major social networks!

Turn Social Media Into Your PERSONAL Traffic Source In 3 Easy Steps:

Facebook : Create link-driving clickable image posts to share on your profile and ANY pages & groups you manage … leverage the largest social network on the planet and its 2 billion plus users,

Twitter : Leverage this HIGHLY ENGAGED platform that’s largely untapped by marketers,

Pinterest : Pictures and Pinterest go together like burgers and fries … 10X your engagement on this buyer platform,

LinkedIn : Nothing says “authority” like LinkedIn, now you can reach targeted buyers and influencers in your niche,

Tumblr : When it comes to targeted traffic, Tumblr is your best friend. Turn clicks into profits by siphoning traffic from this powerful network

SociClicks Review:

SociClicks Review

Step 1 : Login to SociClicks and connect your FB, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Tumblr Accounts (you’ll only have to do this ONCE)
Connect your various Facebook pages & groups as well as your Pinterest boards … the software lets you post to ANY or ALL of them anytime

SociClicks Review

Step 2 : Create A New Link Campaign
Select an image, title, description and the link you want users to be sent to Use the built-in Pixabay & Unsplash search features to find unlimited free images and photos, or upload your own; then customize with the INCLUDED image editor
Customize your links using the Action Link Controller to get MAXIMUM organic reach from every campaign

Step 3 : Post to your social media accounts:
Choose which networks to post to (one, more or all at the same time) as WELL as specific pages, groups and boards
Post now or SCHEDULE your campaigns into the future for non-stop clicks and traffic to YOUR money links

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How SociClicks can translate to TRAFFIC and Sales for you?
To make money online, you need to make sales.But to achieve this, you need traffic to your website. MASSIVE traffic; and social media is the best to quickly garner customers.

Posting attractive images and memes can attract potential clients, and of course, they will click on your images.
But when your images are clickable, they’ll be redirected to either your website or choice of destination—which is traffic with no extra cost.

Imagine as an affiliate marketer, using SociClicks:All you need do is post your aff. Links across 5 social networks with custom image, (which will get you a lot of clicks and sales), without paying for ads or doing any extra work

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SociClicks Bonuses:

SociClicks Bonuses

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SociClicks Review,
SociClicks Bonuses