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SQZin is helping marketers in all kinds of niches, The options really are limitless. Here are just some of the people who are using Sqzin with great success – but you might have thought of some uses that we haven’t even begun to mention. If you need more leads, traffic and sales in any niche then chances are, yes this is for you.

SQZin Review

SQZin Review

Shopify & Woo Commerce:
Squeeze a single product or even your entire store, then promote it like you normally would. People using this method have seen huge 300% instant boosts in sales.

Or use our discover feature to find trending products before they go viral so you can be at the forefront of the next fidget spinner craze!

Affiliate Marketers:
Sqzin automatically cloaks your links to protect your commissions, making each affiliate promotion instantly more profitable.

Viral affiliate links: Possibly the most incredible thing you will ever see is people excitedly sharing YOUR affiliate promotional links for you, Sqzin makes it happen.

Video Marketers:
Our software lets you create viral video squeeze pages in a snap, just get your YouTube video link and paste it into Sqzin.

You can add optin forms, calls to action and more making this the fastest way to get a video squeeze page created. Or, use it to make money sharing cat videos!

Website Owners:
Use our instant social squeeze function which automatically turns links you choose on your website into an instantly squeezed viral page.

We’ll give you an (optional) line of code and then any time someone clicks the share buttons those pages shared are “squeezed” for you, with your op tin/CTA’s!

Email Marketers:
Cloak and track your links with a single click, add your own branding, mention your special bonus offers or a coupon you’ve got to increase conversions.

Or kick things up a notch by using the password lock feature to drive up higher engagement on the clicks, with more people opening, reading and watching.

Startup & New Marketers:
It is so easy to use that anyone can use what you already have to make more money and leads – or use our discover tool to find trending material.

SQZin Review Conclusion: Whatever stage of marketing you’re at, you can and should use this to protect your links, tap into viral traffic and start making money faster and easier than ever.

SQZin Bonus

SQZin Bonus

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